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Herbs exist everywhere in nature and are commonly used to deal with common problems, without us realizing that we perpetuate an ancient knowledge. Ancient Greek doctor Dioskouros around 100 AD mentions 400 or so herbs being appreciated for their analgetic and therapeutic abilities. Currently almost 70% of modern medicine is based on the therapeutic properties of plants.
Having in mind all the above and with the advantage of the Greek fertile soil, our warm sun and the excellent climate, in 2002 we decided to cultivate aromatic - pharmaceutical plants. The selection was difficult, our experience and knowledge at the time very limited. We tried different kinds and varieties of plants grown in farms of variable soil texture and components, as well as altitudes in order the best result to be achieved. In 2005 we came to the plants and varieties fit for cultivation in the fields of Grammatico, county of Karditsa (altitude ~100m) as well as in tableland of Domokos, county of Fthiotida (altitude ~600m).
Thereupon e adopted the idea to establish an aromatic plants processing and ethereal oils productioní company. Eth.Oil G.P was established, seated in Grammatico, county of Karditsa. Simultaneously we contracted we farmers for the cultivation of aromatic - pharmaceutical plants, with whom shared our gained experience and knowledge.
On December 2008 our modern installations were completed. Were fully equipped by aromatic - pharmaceutical plants collection equipment, as well as by ethereal oils drying, processing and production machinery and laboratory devices for products quality control.
Already cultivations of over 500.000m2 (125 acres) of aromatic pharmaceutical plants have been developed. Most of those are organic cultivations bio-products or in a transitional stage and we aim at making all of them so.
Cultivation processing and standardization of the products are supported and controlled by the official organizations and companies. Our company possesses both ISO and HACCP certificates.
Our intention is to expand our cultivations to many times the existing area. All our products are being control and audited thoroughly through all stages of production up to their storage in specially constructed ware-houses, thus securing the best possible quality and protection of the consumer.

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